Recently, we got the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter and for the last few days, we’ve been going through the manual in detail, looking at all of the features in the app and learning how to use it in the real world.

For one of the days that we were out testing, we decided to drive out to the Arizona desert in-order to see how well everything performs in a non-controled environment.

Unfortunately we got there pretty late in the day, and a lot of the drone footage was lost since we forgot to press record button in the app before taking off, but despite the increasing amount of wind and lightning, we did managed to take the Inspire 1 up and get a couple seconds of video before it started getting too dark and even raining.

So far, I have no real complaints about the Inspire 1, other than some small bugs in the IOS app. It flies great, the camera seems to be pretty good (we’ll have to do more testing in brighter conditions) and the app is packed with tons of useful features.

Let me know in the comments if theres anything specific that you’d like us to cover with the Inspire 1​. More content to come!