3D Robotics Is Fighting Back With An All New SOLO Drone Release

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April 7, 2015


Today 3D Robotics releases a very impressive teaser video for their next drone. Supposedly, it will be officially announced at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas.

The official name is 3D Robotics SOLO, so start calling it that!

3D Robotics has already trademarked the name and you can clearly see it in the video if you look hard enough.

So why should you be excited about the 3D Robotics SOLO? After all, there are tons of companies coming out with new drones every month. Well 3D Robotics is not just any drone company​. They were one of the first companies to really kickstart the DIY drone industry.

In recent years, innovative companies like DJI have made it ​extremely hard for 3D robotics to stay ahead in the drone industry, especially with the Phantom 2, Inspire 1 and now the rumored Phantom 3 coming out, but It seems that 3D Robotics has finally got their act together with an all new drone that was designed with consumers in mind. I’ve never said this about a 3D Robotics product, but I’m really liking the new look!

Update 2:

photos have been released.

The controller seems pretty nice. It looks like there will be an LCD screen that gives you critical telemetry information like signal strength and voltage levels.

Update 1:

Leaked info on the 3DR SOLO has been released.

There isn’t a lot of info about the SOLO yet, but here’s what I know so far. Supposedly, it will be larger than the Phantom 2, have an integrated smart battery, a 3 axis gimbal, self-tightening propellers and possibly a integrated proprietary camera. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it came with the case that’s shown in the video.

There’s a Facebook group specifically for the SOLO. If you’re interested in owning a SOLO someday, or you just want to stay updated about it, you’re more than welcome to join the group! Click here to see the 3D Robotics SOLO Owners Group

Possible Features

Like I said, the design of this new drone looks great, but what about what’s on the inside? After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts right? Well, I can’t say for sure but It appears to be built with completely different components than what was on the 3DR IRIS.

One great clue is the controller that’s shown in the teaser video. It’s a very slim, simplistic and professional looking controller with what looks like an iPhone mount. That means that this drone will most likely have a live video feed, real-time telemetry, GPS functions, possibly a follow-me mode and more. Basically, we know that this drone will have all the features that come standard in a Phantom 2 Vision Plus. What we don’t know is all of the “new” features that this drone will have, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week.

Whoever put together the teaser video for this drone is a genius. The cinematography is great, and it conveys the idea that even a caveman (I mean baboon!) can fly their new drone.

I can say with complete confidence, that this drone will be able to be a very solid competitor to the Phantom 2 series, but that may change when the Phantom 3 comes out.

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