Bank Turns Explained

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March 25, 2014

How To Fly a Quadcopter in a Circle: Bank Turns Explained!

On this page, I’ll try to explain how to do bank turns with a quadcopter. Bank turns are really not that hard, but you have to understand what’s going on technically in order to master them.

Before you learn bank turns you need to be pretty confident with hovering, nose-in-hovering and forward flight.

Here are all the steps to doing bank turns.

Start going forward at about 5 mph. This will get the momentum you need to start the turn.Apply a small amount of aileron to bank the quadcopter.Continuously pull up on elevator.Continuously apply yaw. If you don’t use enough yaw, your quadcopter will start falling into the turn. If you use too much yaw, then your quadcopter will lift out of the turn.Use aileron to keep the quadcopter from raising or falling out of the turn.

If you’re still having trouble learning bank turn or you just don’t understand how it works, you can always buy an RC flight simulator. If you already have a transmitter with a trainer port, check out this USB simulator kit.


My video


Extreme Bank Turns (Funny Moments)


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