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Korey Smith
August 5, 2015


​At, we don’t just search the internet for a bunch of random drones for sale and then tell you which one looks the coolest. We spend thousands of hours building, buying, flying and researching the subject of drones to bring you content that’s as genuine and accurate as possible.

​The Bebop, Solo and Yuneec q500 4K were all contenders in this battle, but all three of them have different faults that lead to the Phantom coming out on top. Here are just a few reasons why we picked the Phantom 3 out of all the other drones for sale.


Video quality has always been something that’s important to me, but there really isn’t a big difference between the Phantom 3, Solo and Q500 4K. They all shoot great video and the gimbals are buttery smooth. However, the bebop is a different story. It only shoot’s in 1080p, the video stabilization is digital (not optical or gimbal based) and the panning motions are very fast and robotic looking, making it bad for getting professional shots.


out of all three of these drones, the Parrot Bebop is the lowest price, starting at $499, but with its lack of 4k, short flight times and a $900 price for the sky controller model, you might as well buy a Phantom 3 Advanced for $799 and get longer flight times, more range, better video quality and a more reliable drone or just released August 2015, the Phantom 3 Standard with 2k video at a new price point of $499.

The Solo has a lot of good features going for it and it’s only $999, BUT seeing how you have to buy the extra gimbal for $400 (which isn’t out yet) and a GoPro Hero 4 Black (if you want 4K) for $500, I wouldn’t consider spending about $1900 a good value compared to the other models.MORE: Best Drones For Sale and WhyPricing for the 4K Q500 from Yuneec is only $50 more than the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, but the Q500 lacks an HD live feed like the Phantom 3 and Solo. Also, the video transition range is only 600m and that’s what really bothers me about the Q500. I’m not sure why it’s so low compared to the 2km range that the Phantom 3 gets.

The Phantom 3 comes in 3 models. The cheaper Phantom 3 is called the Phantom 3 Standard at $499. Next is the Phantom 3 Advanced model retailing at $799. It has all of the features that I mentioned, but if you want to shoot in 4K then you have to get the Professional model for $999.


Personally, the thing I like about the Phantom 3 the most is how it flies. Because of the optical flow stabilization, active braking and general flight controller improvements, the Phantom 3 really feels like a mini DJI Inspire 1 when you’re flying it around. It’s much more precise than any other drone for sale in it’s price range.

There are a lot more reasons why we think the Phantom 3 is the best drone for sale right now, but if I had to name every single one of them, then this would turn into a book​ instead of a post. If you want to learn more about the Phantom 3 then check out the DJI Phantom 3 vs 3DR Solo article.

Korey Smith

Korey Smith, independent film maker, RC model enthusiast and co-owner of MyFirstDrone

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