FPV: Abandoned Quarry

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January 29, 2014
FPV & Racing

This video is by CyberPilot360. I really like it when FPV pilots can not only fly good, but put together  nice videos like this one. I don’t know much about his setup, but I do know he’s using a ADS 400Q with 1100kv 2216 T-motors, simony ESC’s and the naze32 flight controller.

Here’s what He said about his flight:

Bringing a little life back to this abandoned quarry – just an awesome place to fly FPV and explore. Unfortunately the video is quite short as I only had one battery left for the ADS, the rest went for some landscape shots with the gimbaled quad.

I’ll probably be back in this place 😉

Also… this time shooting at medium FOV.


PID’s for this flight :

  • Roll : 3,4 0,030 28
  • Pitch :3,5 0,033 32

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