Best Videos Taken With The Zenmuse H3-3D

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April 12, 2014

As the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal gets into the hands of more and more people, we’re going to start seeing some really nice shots.

There are a lot of brushless gimbals on the market for cameras like the GoPro, but the H3-3D seems to be the best right now. So I’ve decided to put this post together to show off some of the best H3-3D videos as they roll out. The test shot’s where people mount multiple cameras on a DJI Phantom and jam the controls sticks around are nice, but when people actually take there Phantoms out into the real world, that’s when things get interesting.

In a few months, you might not even be able to tell the difference between a shot that came from a Phantom 2 with an H3-3D or a shot from a $9000 octocopter.

2014 Color Run Shot By Phantom

This video is obviously by DJI, but it’s really nice. The 2014 Color Run took place at the Universiade Stadium in Shenzhen, china. If you didn’t know, the Color Run is a 5 km paint race the takes place allover the world. Based on what the shots look like, Most of the phantom footage was shot in the 1080p 60fps wide mode.

Steamers Lane & Natural Bridges


This video is by Philip Lima, shooting some wildlife in Santa Cruz. He used the GoPro Hero3 Black and used it in the 2.7K 30FPS video mode. This video was not stabilized in post at all, just cut together in Final Cut Pro X.

Cinematic Edit

This video is by David Payne. It was also not stabilized in post. 

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