DJI LightBridge 2 Explained

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September 11, 2014

What Is LightBridge 2?

With cameras like the GoPro Hero 4 (and even the Hero 3), drone flight videos can look as beautiful as a cinematic nature documentary. But just because all of those YouTube videos look so stunning does not mean that FPV (first person view) flyers get to experience the luxury of a high definition video feed while flying. Since the beginning of time, FPV flying has been a vary ugly experience. With a resolution of 640 x 480 (and sometimes lower) and noise from interference, the live video feeds that pilots see can sometimes look like a 1970’s TV signal. But that’s all changing as HD transmitters are becoming more affordable. With the announcement of DJI’s LightBridge 2, it’s become clear that (for a price) you can have full HD 1080i/50fps and 720p/59.94fps, video streaming from your drone right to your eyes in real time.

What Else Can Lightbridge Do?

Not only will the DJI LightBridge stream HD video, but it will also handle the control link and give you live flight data such as:

  • Vertical speed
  • Horizontal speed
  • GPS heading
  • Altitude
  • Flight battery voltage
  • Signal strength
  • And more

For you nerds out there, you can find the full  specifications on the DJI site

On top of that, the ground unit has a built-in battery that will last for multiple hours and can also charge your smartphone or tablet via USB. It also can be powered by an external power supply.

Did I mention that you can stream the video right to your tablet or any other HDMI device? Because you can!

What About The Price?

The one and only bad thing about LightBridge is the price. Retailing it about $1300 it’s not the cheapest FPV system out there, but don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll go down someday. Remember, the DJI ZenmuseH3-2D Gimbal was over $600 when it first came out and now you can get the Newer H3-3D for $379

You can buy the Lightbridge system here. It came out on September 11th, 2015.

 What Does Lightbridge Have To Do With The New Inspire 1?

Basically the concept of Lightbridge is an HD video and communication system that takes video transmitters, OSD’s, control signals (whatever you need for communicating information) and puts it all into one system.

So when DJI says that the Inspire 1 has Lightbridge inside, that just mean that it has an all in one communication system that also streams HD video. That’s also why the C1 controllers for the Inspire 1 are over $600 a piece.

DJI’s Promo Video


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