DJI OSMO camera released with GoPro like Accessories

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Korey Smith
October 8, 2015
DJI Osmo


The DJI OSMO is a new kind of tool for capturing video and pictures. It’s essentially a camera, stabilized gimbal and a hand grip all in one package. The OSMO is records 4K video at 30fps and 1080p video at 120fps, but the cool thing about the OSMO isn’t really the camera.

It comes with a camera similar to the GoPro with a narrower field of view, but if you want a more professional camera, the DJI X3 camera can be popped out and replaced with DJI’s X5 and X5R models.

To control the OSMO, you can use the DJI Go app on your smartphone to get a live view of the camera, adjust camera settings, and control the gimbal. All of this is done by connecting to the OSMO through WI-FI. You don’t always have to use your phone though, which is why the OSMO has a few physical onboard controls which you can use to do things like record video, take pictures and move the gimbal around.

You’ll see that the OSMO has a built-in microphone near the top of the hand grip, but it also has a 3.5mm audio jack for using external microphones, and for even more control you can adjust audio levels in the DJI Go app.

Battery life hasn’t been confirmed yet and it will probably vary depending on what camera you’re using, but the OSMO does come with a removable Lithium-Ion battery and charger, so buying multiple batteries and swapping them out should be possible in the future.

Since DJI is trying to compete with GoPro, they didn’t just come out with the OSMO and leave it at that. You can now get bike mounts, selfie sticks, car mounts and other GoPro like accessories for mounting the OSMO to pretty much anything you want.

Right now, the OSMO is being marketed as an action camera, but the great thing about it is that it’s much more than that. By combining the OSMO with the new X5, you now have a professional 3 axis stabilized micro-four-thirds camera that’s small enough to take almost anywhere while also working great with the Inspire 1.

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The OSMO is now available to order and on sale for $569 from DJI

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Update 2: The name OSMO has been confirmed and the price will be $649 USD. We will be posting more info shortly.

Update 1: We now have a few solid pieces of information on the new product from DJI. Recently, DJI trademarked the name OSMO. In the description for the name, they used the words “Camera gimbals, handheld camera gimbals, camera mounting devices” and many other gimbal related terms to describe what the name will be used for.

What you see here is a screenshot taken from a vlog on a popular YouTube channel. In the video, the vlogger says: I just got this special prototype thing from DJI, it’s a camera.

The device looks very similar to the Inspire 1 Mount that was at CES this year, but it’s black instead of white. This leads me to believe that DJI has decided to redesign the original Inspire 1 Mount and release it as a stand-alone product to compete with the GoPro instead of just being an Inspire 1 accessory.

If what we’re seeing here is really what DJI is releasing, it’s likely that the OSMO will be gimbal stabilized, record 4K video and audio, work with your smartphone, and cost between $500 and $1000 USD.


We’ve seen teaser videos like this from DJI in the past and it usually means one thing. Something big is going to be released on October 8th. So far, speculation is going on through the internet about a new gimbal for the X5 series cameras, but could they be releasing more? We don’t know for sure, but if anything is leaked before the release date, we’ll be sure to have it posted here. We’ll also have a live stream link as soon as it’s available, so don’t forget to come back on the 8th to see what will be announced!

Looking at the teaser video, there’s one extremely obvious thing that sticks out to me. None of the background shots were shot in the air. This can only mean that whatever DJI is announcing will be a ground based product (possibly a handheld gimbal to work with the new X5 and X5r cameras.

I could easily see DJI coming out with a new handheld gimbal system, but why hold an event in two locations for a gimbal mount when the new X5 cameras that were released didn’t get much hype or their own teaser video? DJI usually only puts out teaser videos for drones. They did it with the Inspire 1 and with the Phantom 3, so that is what leads me to believe that they will be coming out with another new drone (possibly an Inspire 2) along with the gimbal mount. It would also be a good idea for them to come out with the Inspire 2 around this time since the Inspire 1 has been out for almost a year now and the holidays are right around the corner.

It seems that DJI has done a great job keeping whatever they’re coming out with a secret (unlike with the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1), but there are still some hints to a new Inspire 2 if you read between the lines.For example, in the teaser video they say “Not only to transform, but to redefine” as if they are planning to announce an Inspire 2 with it’s “transforming” design, but also a hand held gimbal mount to “redefine” how you use it. Since Lightbridge 2 is already out and they used the Inspire 1 remote as part of it’s design, maybe one of the Inspire 2 features could be an upgraded Lightbridge system with 1080p output instead of 720p and a lower video latency.

There’s also the possibility that DJI will release a gimbal stabilized action camera to compete with the GoPro, but nobody knows for sure. The only problem that I see with an action camera from DJI is durability. With the Gopro, there are no moving parts, so it can be pretty strong and put inside a case making it almost indestructible, but with a camera on a gimbal I’m not sure how well that would hold up in tough environments.

Korey Smith

Korey Smith, independent film maker, RC model enthusiast and co-owner of MyFirstDrone

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