How To Do FPV With The Phantom 2 Part 1

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February 20, 2015
FPV & Racing


In this 4 part series of  Phantom 2 FPV written tutorials and videos, you will learn what to buy, where to buy it, how to install it, how to set it up and how to make it perform better.

What Is FPV?

If you’re reading this, then you probably want to do FPV with your Phantom 2. However, if you don’t know what FPV is, here’s a quick explanation. FPV stands for “First Person View” and has been around for many years. People started using these FPV systems to fly RC planes, cars, helicopters and now multirotors.

There are many different uses for FPV, but the most popular is for aerial Photography and Cinematography. FPV is great​ because it allows you to frame your shots as if you were looking through the viewfinder of your camera. Without FPV, it can be extremely hard to keep subjects in the frame, and almost impossible to do smooth accurate panning transitions.

Links To Some Stuff That You Will Need

In order to do FPV, there are three main things that you’ll need – a monitor/video receiver, monitor mount and a video transmitter. There are much more complicated setups that can easily reach over $1000, but there’s really no reason to buy anything too fancy for your first FPV system. You’ll also need some miscellaneous tools like a soldering iron, but I’ll be going over that in the next part of this series.

7 Channel 7 Inch 1024x600 Black Pearl FPV Monitor

ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz 600mw 7 Channel Video Transmitter

Aluminum FPV Monitor Mount Bracket

Black Pearl 7 Inch Monitor

The Black Pearl is a great monitor for anyone looking to do aerial filming using a traditional Analog FPV setup. It comes in two versions – 32 channel and 7 channel. The 32 Channel version is for general use, working with almost any video transmitter available. The 7 channel version is specifically optimized for use with the ImmersionRC video transmitters.

There’s a lot of great features about this monitor, but I’ll just go over the main ones. The thing that stands out about it compared to other monitors, is that it​ has a resolution of 1024x600, diversity, sun visor, built-in battery, standard tripod mount and a video zoom/stretch mode which allows you to fill the screen to the proper aspect ratio.

Now, you’re probably wondering what “diversity”​ means.

​Diversity is a system that contains two video receivers and a video switcher that intelligently switches to whichever receiver has the best signal. It’s able to switch between these two signals so fast that you won’t even notice it happening. The main reason for having a diversity system is that you can have two completely different antennas (one for short range in all directions and one for long range in a specific direction.) Another reason for diversity is that you get more redundancy.

ImmersionRC Video Transmitter

There are a ton of video transmitters out there, but the one that most people use is the ImmersionRC 600MW 5.8Ghz 7 channel video TX (TX stands for Transmitter by the way.) Most importantly, it runs on the 5.8Ghz frequency band, which won’t interfere with the Phantom 2 receiver that runs at 2.4Ghz.

Immersion RC video transmitters​ are great. This one specifically is made from high quality components, there’s less interference than other transmitters and it’s relatively small. You just need a receiver that will work with them properly, so make sure that you get the 7 channel Black Pearl ( and not the 32 channel) for the best signal quality.

FPV Monitor Mount

Finding a good monitor mounting solution is very important, since most monitors are pretty expensive and relatively heavy. This is the monitor mount that I’m currently using. It takes some fiddling around with to put it together, but once it’s on, it’s small enough where you don’t ever have to take it off (even when storing it in a Phantom case.) The screws are not of the highest quality, so you have to make sure that you’re careful not to strip them while putting it together. Other than the screws, I really like how this mount looks, it feels pretty strong and it’s not a bad price.

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