How To Do FPV With The Phantom 2 Part 2

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February 21, 2015
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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to install the ImmersionRC 600MW 5.8Ghz video transmitter on the Phantom 2 V2. Getting FPV set up on the Phantom 2 is not hard at all, but it does require you to learn some soldering skills, so be prepared. This method of installing the video transmitter uses only three wires instead of four.

In the next tutorial, I’ll be explaining why you only need three wires and what you can do to drastically improve your video quality.


Some Stuff You’ll Need

Things you will need to instal FPV on the DJI Phantom 2

Small precision knifeHeat-shrink tubing

Wire cuttersSoldering iron

Double-sided mounting tapeSoldering paste

60/40 solderLighter

Let’s Begin!

Take the video transmitter out of the box and start separating the wires from each other.

Take the larger plug that’s attached to the video transmitter and remove all of the wires other than the yellow one. To do this, use a pointy knife or needle to push the metal tabs that hold the wires in place.

There should now be only three wires connected to the video transmitter. Cut all three wires to about 2 1/2 inches in length.

Take a sharp knife and “very carefully” cut a circular slit in the three wires. This should separate the insulation from the wire, allowing you to remove the excess insulation when soldering. Note: you can also use wire strippers if you have them.

Looking at the bottom of the Phantom 2, you should see some wires taped to the body. Remove the tape, exposing the four wires underneath.

take note of the wire colors. You should see two ground wires, but we don’t need to use the one closest to the yellow wire (trust me).

Phantom 2 Wires

Yellow = video

Brown = ground

Red = power

Video Transmitter Wires

Yellow = Video

Black = Ground

Red = Power

Turn off or remove the Phantom 2 Battery, then remove the insulation on the three wires connected to the Phantom 2. After that, apply soldering paste to all six wires on the Phantom and video transmitter.

Place heat-shrink tubing on all three of the video transmitter wires. “Make sure that the tubing is as far up the wires as possible, otherwise it will shrink while soldering.”

Heat the soldering iron to about 500°F. Once the iron is hot, apply solder to all six wires before soldering them together. This will insure that the solder flows through the wires properly, to prevent what’s called a “cold solder joint”.

Solder the wires together. Red goes to red, yellow goes to yellow and black goes to brown.

Use the lighter to shrink the tubing, while also making sure that the insulation doesn’t melt.

Mount the video transmitter to the bottom of the Phantom using the double sided mounting tape. Make sure that none of the wires interfere with the movement of the gimbal or the vibration dampeners.

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