Metal Head Quadcopter Frame Review

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Korey Smith
March 3, 2016
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In this review I’ll be going over my experience with the Metal Head Quadcopter Frame.

The Metal Head Quadcopter Frame is made in the USA by a website called “”. The first thing I noticed when I received the frame is that it was already assembled (which was really nice). It has 5 main parts, so even if it didn’t come assembled it would be very easy to put together. The size of this frame is a little odd. It’s 287mm from the two motor shafts (diagonally) so I guess you could almost call it a 300 sized quad.

The great thing about having a frame that’s bigger then most of the other small quads out there (like the QAV250) is that it can run 6 inch props. At first, I tried to fly with 5 inch props on a 3s battery and it flew ok, but when going around turns that require a lot of yaw motion it felt somewhat unstable. After changing over to 6 inch props, it felt like a completely different vehicle.

With the sunny sky motors, at full throttle it felt more like a rocket then a quadcopter. Once I got it tuned, we decided to take it out to the desert for a speed test. Surprisingly, I managed to ride in the car with my video goggles while the quadcopter followed us down the trail. Using the car speed gauge as a reference, I was able to see that the quad reached a top speed of about 42mph. Since the Metal Head frame is made out of mostly aluminum, it handles videos pretty good without seeing any jello effect. I didn’t even have to balance my props! The the only thing I have for vibration dampening is the velcro that’s holding the camera to the frame.

There’s really only two things that I don’t like about this frame. The screws and measurements are not metric, which makes finding the right screw driver a little hard for me since 99% of everything I have is metric (not imperial). I would’ve also liked to have seen a hole in the top G10 plate for mounting an FPV antenna. Besides those two complaints, there’s really nothing else I can think of that I don’t like about the frame. It’s definitely something to check out if your looking for a mini FPV quadcopter frame that’s under $100.

Parts List

This list includes all of the components used for the build. If you add everything up, it comes to about $536 (not including shipping).

red aluminum lock nutsnormal props, reverse propsFrSky D4R-II ReceiverCC3D flight controller

Sony 600 TVL CCDvideo transmitter and ricever

Sunny Sky 2300kv motorsLight weight 20 amp ESCs

11.1v lipo battery


Korey Smith

Korey Smith, independent film maker, RC model enthusiast and co-owner of MyFirstDrone

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