My QAV500 setup

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March 29, 2013
FPV & Racing

So I’ve been getting some requests about my QAV500 lately, so heres some more info about what parts I’m using and some photos.

Here is my gopro hero 2. It takes grate video and the AV cable is easy to make/buy unlike the hero 3.So for now I really don’t need the hero 3 yet, what I do need is a lens cover from getfpv,because right now when I fly, the lens gets dirty and I fear that with all the dust in Arizona that the high wind could scratch the lens

5.8GHz 200mw video Tx with the Fatshark antenna (antenna will not work with this Tx out of the box because it has the wrong connector).

Flight battery. It’s a turnigy 3000mah 4S with a 40C to 50C discharge, so far it’s working good, I get about 10 minutes of fpv flight powering everything off of one battery.

10″ E-props. I really like how rigid they are, it makes everything feel rock solid.

T-motor TM-4006 740KV. I really like how they fit perfectly on the arms and they preform wonderful.

My CC3D hiding in the center of everything. I can’t recommend Open Pilot enough, It’s really something you have to try to understand, it’s like an apple computer in many ways.

Flashed HobbyKing 20A 2-4s ESCs. At first they seemed like they got warm when sitting there with the motors off but now I don’t notice it anymore. I have no idea why? But they still work good!

I went with the expensive carbon landing pegs. I have no regrets about them, they’re durable, cool looking, adjustable and they make fpv landing really easy with no tipping over or bouncing, plus the rubber  feet make it stick to things so you can take off slowly without sliding around.

So thats really it, if you have any questions about anything just post them in the comments.

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