QAV250 Is it worth it?

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November 20, 2013
Small quads

Recently Lumenier announced the QAV250, their latest quadcopter.

It’s a 250 size quad with FPV capabilities just like the QAV400 and QAV500. It’s a great idea but will it be a great FPV platform?

There are three things I’m concerned about with the QAV400’s little brother:

  1. The flight time. Usually when you scale down, your flight times tend to do the same, if the flight time for sport flying is over 5 minutes then I would be completely happy with that.
  2. Video quality. Their are a number of small action cameras out there that will fit on the QAV250 but, obviously the GoPro is not one of them. The Mobius Action Camera is what Lumenier is recommending and from the videos I’ve seen of it, it looks really good for the price. In 1080p mode, images look sharp, the angle of view looks very close to the GoPro and colors are pretty accurate too. The only thing I don’t know about is how well the Mobius handles vibration compared to GoPros and other high end action cameras.
  3. Price. How much is this thing going to cost? Ive honestly never built a 250 size quad before so I have no idea what the frame cost is like compared to the bigger frames, but I do know that getting rid of the clean/dirty frame separation design (as Lumenier calls it) should reduce the price by quite a bit. If I had to take a guess, I’d say the QAV250 will be around 99 USD (It’s now $129).

So… If the video looks good, flight time is over 5 minutes and price is right then I’ll be getting one by the end of the year. Mini FPV is getting really popular lately. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


The QAV250 is definitely and awesome little quadcopter but it’s not the only frame out there now. There are actually a few other companies that have come out with mini FPV frames with sizes ranging from 270mm down to 230mm.  If you want to see some other frame options, check out this article. I personally think that the blackout mini frames are the best. Even though they do cost a little bit more, I think the durability makes them worth it.

Flight example video


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