Using DJI Goggles For Movies And Gaming

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Korey Smith
May 6, 2017
DJI Goggles
DJI Goggles

Right Now, DJI Goggles are the best solution for viewing the live feed of the Mavic Pro or any other DJI drone, but how else can you use them? Is the resolution good enough to watch movies? Could you use them for gaming too? Is it possible to use them for more than a few minutes without feeling sick or getting a headache? These are all legitimate questions that we had, and I’m sure you have them too, so let’s try to answer them!

How To Use DJI Goggles With Computers And Phones

To connect the DJI Goggles to a Mac or PC, you may need different adapters depending on what outputs you have on your computer. Since I’m using a MacBook Pro 2016 which only has USB Type-C ports, I needed a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter and an HDMI to Micro HDMI cable. In the production version of the DJI Goggles, you should be getting an HDMI to Micro HDMI cable with a right-angle connector.

You can also find USB Type-C to Micro HDMI cords to eliminate the need for an adapter, but doing it the way I did will allow for more flexibility if I want to use my Mac for outputting video to a VT with full sized HDMI. Plus I can use the HDMI to Micro HDMI cable with my PC which already has a full sized HDMI port to plug into.

Mac Setup

On a Mac, when you plug the cable into the goggles they will automatically recognize the signal and start mirroring whatever is on your computer screen. If you don’t want to use the mirroring feature, go to System Preferences, Displays, Alignment, then uncheck the mirroring option. This will turn your DJI Goggles into a secondary display. By default, the resolution should be 1920x1080, and the refresh rate should be 60Hz.

PC Setup

On a PC the setup is just as simple. If you have a somewhat recent version of Windows, when you connect the DJI Goggles, it should start mirroring just like on a Mac. If you don’t want to mirror your display, go to Settings, Display, and there should be a setting called “Multiple Displays.” You need to change that setting to “Extend These Displays.”

IOS and Android Setup

For IOS and Android, there shouldn’t be anything you need to do other than finding the right cables, but even that can be tricky depending on what device you’re using. For IOS, there’s an Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter which also has a port for charging your device while you use it. For Android, there’s a lot of cables and adapters, but you will need to search for what other people are using with your specific device. On the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can use the same USB Type-c to HDMI adapter that I used for my MacBook. Other Android devices might be able to output video through the Micro USB port. Some will even have a Micro HDMI port on them, so you can just buy a Micro HDMI cable.

Did you know DJI Goggles Can Output Audio!

Yes, there are two tiny speakers on the goggles that can output the audio from your HDMI source. They sound terrible, but it’s still kind of cool. More importantly, though, there’s an audio jack on the DJI Goggles that you can use to plug in your headphones.

On IOS and Android they should output audio through the HDMI automatically, but for MacOS and Windows, you will need to set this up. Once the Goggles are plugged in, if you go into the audio output settings on either operating system, you should see a new output device. On my Mac, my DJI Goggles show up as “T749-fHD720” but the name might be different for you.

Using DJI Goggles For Movies

Once you have the Goggles working and ready, there are a few things you can do to make the experience better.

If you’re using a computer, it helps to have a remote to navigate without needing to take the Goggles off. I use my phone for this, along with an app called Mobile Mouse Server. Using the app, I can use my phone as a handheld trackpad.

When the Goggles are plugged in through HDMI, there are a few settings you can change that make long movies and binge watching sessions much more enjoyable. The first setting is brightness. I found that turning the brightness down to about 90% helps my eyes hurt less when watching movies with bright flashes and explosions.

The second and more important setting is the video scale option. Scaling the video down can help reduce eye strain since your eyes won’t have to move around as much to see everything in the video. On most VR goggles, this would make the resolution too low to watch, but since the DJI Goggles are 1080p, you can scale the video down and it still looks pretty good!

Is It Comfortable Enough For Long Movies?

This is a hard question to answer, and it might not apply to everyone, but in general yes. So far, I’ve watched two or three movies and even four 40 minute TV episodes in a row. I will admit that the Goggles start getting heavy after more than 2 hours, but I’ve never felt like I couldn’t keep watching because of it. The only thing you need to remember to do before binge watching (if that’s something you do), is to make sure the battery is fully charged. I haven’t tested the battery life yet, but I know that I’ve used it for at least 5 hours in HDMI mode before needing to recharge.

What About Games

I never thought that one day I would be using a product from DJI to play games, but now here I am, and it’s surprisingly fun! I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do have a GTX980 powered PC, and a few games like Star Wars Battlefront, Project Cars, Metal Gear Solid and a few other popular titles. If you play games competitively, I wouldn’t say that the DJI Goggles make playing any easier. In fact, if anything it makes it harder because your eyes have to look around more.

Like most people, I only play games for fun, and for me, it makes the experience much more immersive and engaging. Comparing it to something like the Oculus Rift, you don’t get any cool features like head tracking, but what you do get is the ability to play any game you want in a high-resolution format without worrying about if the headset is compatible or not.

Korey Smith

Korey Smith, independent film maker, RC model enthusiast and co-owner of MyFirstDrone

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