How To Build A Quadcopter

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Welcome to How To Build A Quadcopter

This guide will take you from buying all the parts to building and learning to fly a quadcopter in no time! The main point of this guide is to successfully teach someone with little or no hobby background how to build a quadcopter, and how to fly a quadcopter.

Here’s the tutorials

  1. Assembly of the quadcopter frame
  2. Mounting the motors and speed controllers
  3. Mounting the electronics
  4. Flight controller setup
  5. Prop balancing and mounting
  6. Soldering bullet connectors

Here’s all the links to the parts

If you don’t want to use the frame I listed, you can find more here. I also highly recommend getting the Sunnysky motors.

Upgrade parts (more expensive but better quality)

  • ESC with SimonK firmware link
  • Motors with better quality bearings for less vibration link (You won’t need the 4 prop adapters from hobby king)
  • High performance props (get both 8x5 and 8x5R) link1 link2

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Building the frame – Part 1

Building the frame – Part 1

build a quadcopter frame This is the SK450 glass fiber quadcopter frame from hobby king. it's a vary simple and easy to build frame. If you haven't seen the start page with all the parts listed on it, click here to start there!   Inside the box you'll get: the...

Prop balancing and mounting – Part 5

Prop balancing and mounting – Part 5

In this section we'll be balancing and mounting the props. What I'm using and why Before we talk about prop balancing, I'm going to go over what I'm using and why. There are two types of prop balancers you can buy. There's the magnetic kind which are cheap, but don't...

Soldering – Part 6

Soldering – Part 6

Here we'll learn about soldering There's two things you need to be good at soldering, practice and a good soldering iron. If you don't already have a good iron, check out my review of the Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station for links to the iron and some good...