Do You Like Pretzels And Drones? Then You’ll Love The Pretzel Quadcopter, a Drone Made With Food!

This design was made to show that no matter what your frame is made out of , structural rigidity is all that really matters. If you didn’t already know, pretzels are very hard and brittle, meaning that without the proper design they’ll crack and explode in flight from all the vibrations. So to get around this, I designed the frame with two types of pretzels (the big long ones and the little skinny ones). The big pretzels supported all the motors. The little pretzels supported the big pretzels, stoping them from bending in braking in flight.

In general, the frame was built more like a bridge instead of a quadcopter.

After putting it together and mounting all of the electronics, it was time for the first test flight. It flew very nicely, it was almost as if the frame was made out of metal! But all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. After a great flight, we took it up one more time. Unfortunately we were flying with an old lipo battery that didn’t have any type of low-voltage warning, so like any other quadcopter with a dead battery, it fell out of the sky.