I decided to put this quadcopter flight video together for 2 reasons. Obviously the first reason was to enter in the Immersion RC FPV contest.

The second reason is because I wanted to see what FPV would look like if on-screen-displays (OSD’s) didn’t look like a pixelated version of the game Pong. I made all of the graphics in adobe Illustrator, then put them into After Effects so I could  animate everything. After that, I put all the clips into Premier Pro for the final edit. I definitely could have put more information on the OSD, but I didn’t want to put too much and make it look ugly. When I have more experience, I’ll Design a more functional OSD with useful data like battery voltage, altitude, speed, control signal etc… I was using the mobius camera to shoot all of the video, so it’s not the best quality, but overall I’m happy with how this it turned out.

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