So I’ve been wanting to build a night vision quadcopter and do some night flying for a over a year now but, I never really looked into how much it would cost until now. After looking at videos on youtube of people hacking cameras and using them for night vision, I wanted to build something to go on my QAV500. I got everything together, did some testing and it worked really good for a $25 light! I used 20 10mm LEDs from ebay, some 1ohm resistors, Dollar Tree foam for the case and then hooked it right up to the flight battery. it looks like I can see about 100ft away. The first flight was a bit scary but after 5 minute it was really easy. When you’re flying high or low it’s easy to see where you’re going, the problem is when you’re about 90ft over the ground it get’s hard to see because you can’t really see the ground but you also can’t see ant city lights. night vision quadcopter flying is really easy, just make sure you do a good job soldering the lights together because you don’t want them turning of while your flying!



LED power calculator