Drone accessories are often overlooked.

People usually never think about what accessories they need until they get a drone and realize there’s something missing. With DJI drones like the Mavic Pro, You can definitely use them right out of the box, but there are a few things you can get to take your flying experience to a new level.

One thing that’s nice about the Mavic Pro is that you can get almost all of the accessories you need right from DJI. If you don’t own the Mavic Pro yet, you can even get the Fly More Combo which comes with two extra batteries, a battery charging hub, extra props, a case, a USB Power Bank Phone charger, car charger, and the Mavic Pro obviously. If you do own the Mavic Pro, you can still buy all of the accessories individually from DJI.

#1 Extra Batteries

Having one battery might seem ok for the first few days, but once you go on an adventure, you will quickly understand how horrible it is having only 20 minutes of flight time for the entire day with no chargers around. You should buy at least one extra battery, but ideally three or four is a good number.

#2 Extra Propellers

To be honest, I’ve never crashed my Mavic Pro or any of my DJI drones, but I know from flying other drones that propellers are the first thing to break. Since you never know when you’re going to land wrong or get too close to a tree, it’s good to keep a few spare props in your drone bag, just in case.

#3 Carrying Case.

With the Mavic Pro, there’s a lot of options for carrying it around. Since it’s so small, you could just throw it in whatever backpack you have, but when taking it on longer trips, you’re going to want something more reliable and protective. There are two cases that I really like right now.

The case that I use the most is the Mavic Shoulder Bag from DJI. It’s a lot like a traditional camera shoulder bag, but its designed to hold the Mavic, the controller, three batteries, props and the USB Power Bank.

I really like how small the Mavic Shoulder Bag is, but if you want a more rugged solution, get the PolarPro Hard case. I haven’t had this case for that long, but I know it’s going to be perfect for hardcore adventuring, camping and water sports. What I like about this case, is that it’s waterproof, everything fits in the case tightly, and it’s so strong that you can literally stand on it.

#4 ND Filters

If you’re a cinematographer, you probably know what ND filters are and how to use them, but here’s some info for those of you who don’t know. ND filters are like sunglasses for your drone. They allow you to keep the shutter speed low, which gives your shots more motion blur. This makes shots look more smooth and is great for shots with a lot of motion in them.
Unfortunately, DJI doesn’t make ND Filters for the Mavic Pro, but you can still get them from third party manufacturers.

Polar Pro, the same company that makes the Mavic Pro Hard case, has a great set of ND filters that slip right onto the front of the Mavic’s camera. I have their Filter 3-Pack which comes with two different ND filters and one CP filter which can reduce unwanted glare and reflections.

#5 USB Power Bank

When you’re using the Mavic Pro, the DJI Go app will drain your phone battery pretty fast, so its good to always have a charger around. You can buy a USB power bank from Amazon, but a lot of them are too big to fit nicely in a Mavic bag once you have it full of drone accessories. That’s why I really like having the DJI Battery to Power Bank Adaptor. You can use dead Mavic batteries to charge your phone after a flight, or if you know that you won’t be flying a lot, you can use a fully charged battery and power your phone for multiple days at a time.