The teaser video is here!

We are now just days away from the DJI Mavic announcement, and look what just popped up. An official teaser video by DJI was released and it’s definitely made to torture us! Here’s some inspirational words taken right from the teaser video:

When you think you know everything, when you think nothing surprises or amazes, we take all that you think you know, and reshape it.

In this first image we don’t see too much going on. It’s a bit confusing. Obviously it’s the Mavic, but what’s that yellow shiny stuff? I’m not even sure what area of the drone this is, but at least there’s some more interesting photos below…

Here you can see the obstacle avoidance. They didn’t even try to hide it in this one! It looks like one of the two cameras located at the front section of the drone.

This next image appears to be the back of the Mavic. This is interesting since we haven’t seen what the back looks like. There’s also a small hole on what looks like one of the back arms? Could this be another camera, or just a hole for a simple screw? I have no idea.

Here’s another picture of the back where we can see another set of vents on the opposite side. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like this is a mirrored image where the top half of the image is the same as the bottom half.  Looking past that though, theres a set of really dark sticks that look to be sticking out from the shell, almost like antennas?

Here you can see the Ultrasonic sensors for measuring hight. Looking at what I think is the back of the drone, you can see another hole which could possibly just be a single camera for optical flow stabilization, or maybe completely new sensor.

This one is pretty cool looking! It’s a dome shape with a camera. Now where have we seen that before… In any case it’s a nice shot and I’m glad the cool dome is staying in the Mavic’s design.

Out of all the images we’ve seen so far, this one is the most puzzling! I’m thinking this is the front side of the Mavic since you can clearly see the dome, but is it the bottom or the top? To make things more crazy, there’s also two random sticks pointing out in the front that almost look like laser turrets. What is this??????

Wait! I see now, it’s just another image of the back side of the Mavic, but with more details. Those random sticks must be the antennas from before! I guess we will find out more on the 27th. Until then I can’t wait.

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