You know the DJI Mavic is small, but just how small?

It’s extremely small. It’s so small that I needed to create this whole article just to talk about how small it is, because this is a bigger deal than most people realize.

With the battery included, Mavic’s total weight is 1 pound 9 ounces (or 730 grams). That’s roughly half the weight of the Phantom 4 and GoPro’s Karma! When the Mavic is in flight, its vertical size is much smaller than the Phantom, but its horizontal size is actually the same or larger depending on how you measure it. The size of the mavic when folded up is approximately 3.5 by 3.25 by 8 inches. that’s a pretty impressive number, but what does that mean when trying to fit it inside of things? That’s what we’re going to find out!

Below are some common backpacks and bags for carrying personal items like, cameras, water, books, money, etc… None of these items or obsessively large or specially designed for drones. These are the kind of tools that you already have for transporting things, so unless you need a more rugged solution there’s really no reason to go out and buy a specially made case for the Mavic.

The first backpack I tried was pretty average in size and made by Lowepro. This pack is for carrying camera equipment and it has a lot of versatility, but surprisingly I was never able to fit my Phantom in there. Its landing legs were too tall and even if it did fit, it would take up the whole backpack (even without the controller).

As you can see (or maybe you can’t), this backpack sucks up the Mavic like it’s not even there. I know you can’t really see it, but both the Mavic and the controller fit into the bottom section perfectly. In fact if you had to, you could probably fit two Mavics, two controllers, ten batteries, a 15 inch laptop and a DSLR camera with multiple lenses all at the same time.

This next backpack is actually a Camelback for using while mountain biking, Hiking or even overnight camping. It’s just as tall as the backpack from Lowepro, but since it’s mainly a hydration pack it’s slimmer and there’s not much depth to it. Just like before, the Mavic disappears. For mountain biking, I would probably put it inside some kind of tiny crush proof box, but I’m sure that wouldn’t take up much more space.

Here’s a pack with much less space compered to the other two. Actually I think it’s a “sling bag” but I’ve never used one, so I wouldn’t know. This time you can actually see the drone, but there’s still a good amount of space left over for food, water, a tablet or small notebook and whatever else you might want. If you’re wondering where the controller is, it’s located in the center flap above the Mavic.

For me, this will most likely be my go-to solution for carrying the Mavic around every day. It’s a camera bag made by Swiss Gear for holding DSLR cameras and lenses. The thing that’s great about this setup is it’s big enough for any DSLR camera, the Mavic, the controller, a GoPro and a few extra batteries, but it’s still really compact.

This is something you’ve probably never seen. a medium sized purse with a fully capable camera drone inside! Obviously this isn’t my purse, and most of you reading this don’t own purses, but for those of you who do, this is going to be big news! Seeing how purses can be stuffed with lots of “stuff”, I would probably put the mavic in a ziplock bag and put some hair ties over it so that the blades don’t move around and get scratched or damaged.

Here’s one last camera bag example, but this would only work if you didn’t want to bring your DSLR camera with you. It’s cool that the Mavic will actually fit inside this bag, but it’s not that practical to have a dedicated carrying case for a drone this small, which brings up an interesting question. How are drone case companies going to make cases for a drone that doesn’t need a case?

I think what the Mavic needs, is not one, but two cases. One case would be big enough to hold just the drone and nothing else. The other case would hold the controller and maybe four extra batteries (for those times when you know you’re going to be flying for a while).