If you want to see the video in the highest quality, or if it doesn’t play on Youtube, watch it on Vimeo and choose the 4K option.

The back story

We’ve been trying to setup home base here in Mexico for a few weeks now, and things are finally starting to get settled. This week, we finally had the time to take the Mavic Pro on an adventure to Puerto Peñasco’s malecon in Sonora. The weather was a bit warm, and it was a bit windy, but the Mavic Pro handled it just fine. I tried to capture the best shots I could, using the one and only battery I had, and surprisingly the Mavic managed to get some really good video in a short amount of time

The Camera Settings

For the camera settings, I shot everything using the standard color mode (no log footage here). For the picture style, the sharpness, contrast and saturation was set to -1. For the exposure I shot everything in auto, then locked the exposure for shots that I knew would be important. Occasionally, I also adjusted the EV settings while in auto mode using the exposure wheel on the back of the controller.

Some people may think that focusing with the Mavic would be hard since you have to tap on what you want to be in focus, but that’s not true at all. Really, for landscape shots like this you only have to focus once. In the beginning of my flight, I just tapped on the horizon in the background and didn’t touch it again for the rest of the flight. Even in the first shot, you can see that the depth of field is still deep enough to have the foreground and background in focus at the same time.