Do You Have A Question?

We get a lot of questions about the DJI Mavic and it’s honestly more than we can handle, so instead of answering hundreds of messages and comments individually, every frequently asked question will be answered on this page. Some answers will be short, some will be long and some will even have links that go to other articles on the site, but if you still don’t have a question answered you can leave a comment on this post and it will most likely be added to the FAQ. This is a work in progress so come back in the future for more info.

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How much does the Mavic Pro cost?
The Mavic Pro is currently $999. There’s also a bundle which includes two extra batteries, a carrying case, a quad battery charger, a Mavic Pro battery to USB adapter (for charging your phone on the go) and extra propellers. There will be a cheaper option of the Mavic that doesn’t come with a controller for $749, but I would recommend getting the controller if you plan on using this drone for anything other than taking selfies and getting the occasional  slow panning shot here and there.
Is the Phantom 4 better than the Mavic Pro?
No, at least not in my opinion. The mavic has all of the features of the Phantom 4 and more. There have been a lot of misleading videos on the internet comparing these two drones. In most of them, the operator forgets to tap on the screen to focus, causing the video from the Mavic Pro to come out blurry. videos from the mavic are not blurry, but can be slightly less sharp than the Phantom 4 at distances over 150 feet. Click here to see the comparison post.
Is the Mavic easy enough to fly for a beginner?

Yes. The Mavic was designed with beginners in mind. Out of all the drones I’ve flown from Hubsans to the Inspire 1, the Mavic is the easiest to operate. It’s really stable, the controls aren’t too sensitive and if you feel like you’re drifting into something, just take your hands off the controls and it immediately will stop. The mavic has a lot of features like GPS and extra vision cameras to keep it stable , but you really don’t need to worry about all that because it knows when and how to use these sensors without you needing to set them up.

The biggest thing to remember when flying the mavic for the first time is that the compass needs to be calibrated. It’s an easy process that takes less than 20 seconds. Just follow what the app tells you to do. The other thing to remember is that the Mavic Pro has two eyes in the front just like a human, so obstacle avoidance only works if the obstacles are in front of you. This means it won’t avoid things that are behind it or on the sides.

Is there any Mavic Pro communities that I can join?

There are a few places you can go, but we recommend that you join our Mavic Pro Facebook group. We have thousands of members and lots of conversations being started there, so it’s a great place to share ideas, get more help with questions, get informed on future issues or concerns that people have and of course share your Mavic Pro videos and Photos.

Does the camera dome cover effect video quality?
Yes. The camera dome cover will add more glare to the image. It’s not meant to be used when trying to take professional shots. The camera dome can be taken off and on in a fraction of a second, so don’t leave it on unless you have a feeling that the drone will be facing danger, flying in extreme wind conditions and or small amounts of rain (not that we recommend doing that).
What is the Flight Time Of the Mavic Pro?
Advertised flight time is 27 minutes (in best conditions at sea level), but real world flight time is anywhere from 19 to 25 minutes depending on where you live and how hard the drone is working at the time.
What mobile devices does the Mavic Pro work with?
Any device (IOS or Android) that is fast enough to run the DJI Go app and has a Micro USB or Lightning cable will work. For the best performance, use the most popular IOS or Android smartphones that are available. For phones with USB type C, you will need to buy an adapter from DJI.
What are ND filters and do they work on the Mavic Pro camera?
ND filters are for reducing the amount of light that the camera sees. This will make motion in your videos look much smoother in the daytime. It can also reduce the effects of vibration (the jello effect). ND filters will be available for the Mavic as an after market accessory. DJI May also make their own filters in the future.
Can the Mavic Pro Handle high winds?
Yes. We’ve tested the Mavic in high wind conditions and have come to the conclusion that it can fight wind just as good as the Phantom 4 can. For more info on that, go here.
Will the arms hold up after opening and closing them hundreds of times?
Yes. The Mavic arms are spring loaded and appear to be built well. we’ve opened and closed the arms at least 200 times for the sake of testing and so far it feels exactly the same as it did when opened for the first time. According to DJI, They should last for over 5000 opening and closing cycles. Most likely, battery will need replacing before the arms do, but even the batteries can last for hundreds of cycles before needing to be replaced.
When will DJI Goggle be available?
Nobody knows, but my guess is that they won’t be here until the end of the year. If the release date is announced, we will update this page.
If the drone is tracking you, how do you carry the remote?
The easiest thing you can do is not use the remote at all. Just use your smartphone to connect to the drone over wifi and then you can put your phone in your pocket. The other option is to connect the smartphone to the controller using a long usb cable, then fold up the controller and place it into a backpack or small bag. You can also take off the joysticks so that the drone doesn’t move unintentionally.
How does wifi mode work?

Using the Mavic Pro controller is recommended to unlock all of its potential, but if you just want to fly using a mobile device, you can do that too. The wifi mode works by hosting a wifi hotspot which you then connect to with your phone. This means you don’t need an internet connection to fly the Mavic using just your mobile device. Wifi range is 240 feet (limited by a geofence around the operator).

Can I use the Mavic Pro with my iPad or other tablets?

Yes and no. You can use a tablet with the DJI controller, but there is currently no easy way of mounting it. The Mavic was intended to be an extremely portable device which is why there’s no tablet mount like on the Phantom 4. If you still want to use a tablet, you can either fly the drone without the controller over wifi, or use a long USB cable and put the tablet on a stand, tripod or table while you use the remote.

Does the Mavic have smooth gimbal tilt control?

Definitely! The Mavic Pro has a gimbal tilt wheel on the back that works just like the Phantom 4. There are a few settings for fine tuning it to your liking. You can control the gimbal wheel speed (under remote control settings), or if you want to get the smoothest shot possible you can go into the advanced gimbal settings.

In the advance settings section (under gimbal settings) you can control the gimbal tilt expo, enable upwards tilt and adjust the gimbal smooth track setting (for smoothing out your movements).

Can you use the Mavic as a handheld camera?

Yes and no. Using  the wifi setting, you can hold your phone in one hand and the Mavic in the other to shoot video on the ground, but the arms in the back of the drone need to be folded out. If you don’t fold them out, they will interfere with the compass, which messes up the gimbal heading.

Can you control the camera from a second controller.

No. Since the Mavic Pro is more of a one person drone and the gimbal doesn’t rotate 360 degrees like the Inspire 1, there’s no dual controller option. However, you could have one person flying the mavic with the controller and another person holding an iPad connected to the controller through a long USB cable. Using the tablet you will have all of the control over the camera and the gimbal.

I still think learning how to use the drone better instead of giving someone else the mobile device is the best thing to do, because the pilot always controls the panning of the gimbal which is just as important as the tilt.

Can the Mavic be updated through software?

Yes. It’s actually easier to update than the Phantom. Just turn the Mavic and controller on, connect your smartphone and navigate to the DJI Go home page. If there’s an update, it will show up at the top of the screen with release notes. Once you press download and then install, the latest firmware will be downloaded and installed on the Mavic controller, Inertial measurement unit, electronic motor controllers, camera, and power management unit.

In other words, everything about the Mavic Pro can be updated wirelessly whenever there’s an update.