In just a few hours, DJI will be announcing one or more new products at IFA 2016, a consumer electronics show in Germany. Although they haven’t officially announced anything yet, we have a pretty good idea of at least one of the items we will see.

The first and most obvious item is a new Osmo mobile gimbal platform for smartphones. If you look at the teaser photo, you can easily see the resemblance of a smartphone on a stick. We’ve seen public FCC documents for what looks like a smartphone gimbal attachment for the Osmo, however it’s unclear whether or not it will be compatible with the original Osmo handle. There’s a chance that it could be sold with a cheaper handle which could potentially reduce the cost to around $350 USD. There’s also the possibility that DJI is releasing an Osmo 2, but that’s purely speculation at this point.

The next item that DJI could be releasing is a new wind and water proof drone for industrial use called DJI Wind 1. There have been pictures and specs of the supposed Wind 1 floating around for the past few weeks and they seem to look promising, but I wouldn’t expect an announcement like this at a consumer electronics show similar to CES. Plus since the price for this drone is not going to be affordable for consumers, it wouldn’t surprise me if they just casually posted info about it on their website without an official announcement or release.

The last and least likely thing to see at the IFA show is DJI’s top secret racing drone, the Mavic. If you haven’t already seen the Mavic, check out our rumors article about it. Although a racing drone from DJI would be amazing, I don’t think there was enough advertising done for this event to warrant a major announcement like a racing drone or even an Inspire 2.