We are less than one day from the release of the phantom 4, and more info has been leaked. this new information came from a Facebook group along with the original full sized photo you can see above.

Active track or active flight system: This is the same feature that I discovered 2 weeks ago while looking through DJI patents. The fact that DJI trademarked the names Active Track and Tap Track are proof that this will most likely be in the Phantom 4 on day one.

​You’ll be able to do things like draw a circle around the object you want to track, and it will keep things in frame while you focus on flying. It will be like having your own virtual camera operator!

Collision avoidance while in RTH: This would make sense seeing how there are new cameras on the front and bottom of the drone. The strange thing about this info is that it doesn’t mention anything about collision avoidance while in other flight modes.

2.7k 60 FPS and 4.6k 24 FPS in video mode:​ 2.7k at 60 FPS would be nice (to compete with the GoPro hero 4 black). Anything higher than 4K still seems crazy to me, but it would be cool to have a feature like this anyway. If this is true, the aspect ratio would probably be 4608 x 2592 which would match up perfectly with high end cinema cameras like the black magic URSA Mini.

360° Panoramic photos: This is a feature that actually exists on the DJI Osmo. I thought that 360 panoramas would eventually make it into the Phantom 3 at some point through a firmware update, but I guess it’s better late than never!

Point-Of-Interest with Active Track: Basically, it will track something visually while also rotation around it.

Optical Zoom and or focus: It isn’t part of the leaked info I found, but from analyzing the new camera lens, it looks like the lens elements have been redesigned to be movable. Also, there’s no other good explanation on why that secondary motor is on the right side of the camera. Maybe, they just wanted to move the motor to one side and the ribbon cable to the other side in order to center the camera on the gimbal