What is all this talk about drone registration and what does it mean for consumers?

Update: Official Registration Info has been released by the FAA. Drone registration starts on December 21st. Read The Official Rules Here

Drones are becoming increasingly popular these days. Because of this, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and DOT (Department Of Transportation) have announced the creation of a task force to develop “recommendations” for a drone registration process by November 20th.

Supposedly, this drone registration process is being developed because of the increase in drone sightings over airports, sporting events and other places where they could be a potential threat to manned aircraft. The goal is for all drone owners to be required by law to register their drones so that they can be identified and traced back to their operators when spotted in places where they shouldn’t be flying.

I personally see a lot of potential flaws with this plan, but air safety is an important matter and I can see why this registration process is being developed. One important thing to note is that this task force will be developing “recommendations” for a registration process, meaning that the actual registration process could be quite different from what will be announced on the 20th of November. The plan is for this new drone registration process to be put in motion before the holiday season, but seeing how the FAA has missed it’s deadline by multiple years to come out with official drone regulations, I wouldn’t be surprised if this drone registration process is delayed as well.

So what does all this mean for people who want to buy drones?

Nothing at all. This announcement does not effect the use of drones in any way and solid drone regulations are still in development. For more details about the registration process, check back here on November 20th.

Before leaving this page, there are some other things you should be aware of. Since drone registration has been a popular subject lately, some people may try to take advantage of that with websites like federaldroneregistration.com. Websites like this state that they can help insure your drone registration for a small fee, but in reality they are most likely a scam, so be careful out there.