What’s the Facebook drone concept?

Facebook is supposedly buying a company called Titan Aerospace, which makes glider style satellite drones that sit in the sky at up to 65,000 feet (or about 12 miles) for up to 5 years. They plan on using these gliders to provide internet access to remote locations all over the world allowing almost 90% of the human population to be connected.


How do these drones work?

The Titan Aerospace drones are basically vary big autonomous electric gliders. Each wing has it’s own massive array of solar panels which charge the lithium-ion batteries in the day, allowing it to stay in the air basically until the batteries need replacing (5 years). Since it has the ability to stay in the air for so long, it can cover distances of almost 4,800,000 miles.

Each plane can be equipped with radio systems that can communicate to the ground to cover a radius of over 100 miles.


Flight video  example