The identical-twin brother dance duo known as “Les Twins” have swept the the internet as an international hip-hop sensation.

Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, referred to respectively as “Ca Blaze” and “Lil Beast,” have been dancing their whole lives. Originally part of the bigger “Crimilaz Crew,” they’ve now gained an immense following as Les Twins for their innovative dance styles, making a statement across all social media platforms.

In a recent video, Les Twins partnered with DJI and production company Yak Films to capture their original dance choreography for the hit song “Panda” by Desiigner. In order to capture their stand-out moves, Les Twins relied on DJI’s camera stabilization technology. From moving car scenes to quick-paced dance transitions, the DJI’s X5-equipped Osmo smoothly captured each movement with rock-solid stability and smoothness.

Les Twins are known for always bringing new, exciting moves to the scene, synthesizing techniques from a variety of dance cultures.

On Individualistic Collective, Leralee Whittle describes how these twin brothers never cease to “stand out from macho hip hop competitors… they aren’t afraid to use their range, enabling them to sidestep the chest-thumping ruts of many hip-hop dancers and krumpers. Their identities are more fluid… They’re shape-shifters with amazing craft as improvisers, choreographers and performers.”

Whittle further shares that Les Twins “Constantly change up the primary source of information while dancing, shifting instantly between auditory, tactile, visual, spatial, ground.”

With such dynamic and fast-paced shifts, it’s crucial the videographer capture everything smoothly. The X5 micro four-thirds camera on the stabilizing Osmo gimbal does just that. It brings a high quality camera technology into the palm of your hand. Using the latest portable technology allows for superior footage without the logistics and complications of traditional gear.

And that means Les Twins are free to do what they do best – dance – while the Osmo is free to do what it does best: Shoot like nothing else on the market.