What Is Osmo Mobile?

Smartphones have incredible cameras these days, especially with the iPhone 7 coming around the corner. One of the biggest issues with shooting video on a smartphone is the shaky footage you get. No matter how hard you try to keep it stable, it will always have that smartphone look to it… until now! Today at IFA, DJI released the Osmo Mobile, an affordable smartphone stabilizer with all of the great features we love from the original Osmo.

Active Track

That’s right, active track, the feature found on the Phantom 4 is now going to be available for the DJI Osmo Mobile. Just tap on the subject you want to track and it will automaticity start tracking. This means you can create perfect tracking shots without worrying about where the camera is pointing. In theory you could also use this feature to track your face when vlogging or doing live streams.

Motion timelapse

What’s a motion timelapse you ask? Well it’s simply a timelapse with motion. Using this feature, the gimbal on the DJI Osmo Mobile will automatically move extremely slowly while your phone takes a series of images that are then put together to make a super dynamic looking timelapse video. You can use this feature with a tripod, or walk around for even more creative shots.

Camera control

Because the Osmo Mobile uses the DJI Go app, you can control settings of your smartphone like shutter speed, ISO and white balance all while at the same time having access to important gimbal settings and shooting modes in the same app. Using bluetooth Low Energy, you can even connect your smartphone to the Osmo Mobile to control the shutter and record buttons. This makes shooting video with the Osmo Mobile much easier then other smartphone gimbals on the market.

Should You Get The DJI Osmo Mobile?

I think that with all of the features of the original Osmo, the Osmo Mobile is going to be a great option for people who want to take stabilized video on a budget. After all, it is almost half the cost of the Original Osmo at only $299! One thing to note is that these will be produced in small quantities at first, so if you want one it’s a good idea to order it sooner than later.

All Features in a nutshell

  • Motion Timelapse
  • Live Streaming
  • Long exposures
  • Physical Camera Controls
  • Over 4 Hour Battery Life
  • USB Charging Port
  • Compatible With Osmo Accessories
  • No Fan Noise!
  • Great Price of $299