UPDATE APRIL 13TH: It looks like DJI has released the Phantom 4 Advanced ahead of their April 23rd launch event!


DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

Yes, this is not a joke! DJI may actually release another version of the Phantom 4 called Phantom 4 Advanced! Why? Because it’s DJI, and they need as much market saturation as possible.

Though Before you get upset, don’t worry, the Phantom 4 Pro will not be obsolete. Based on the name of the new Phantom, it appears to be a lower priced alternative to the Phantom 4 Pro. This means there will be three Phantom 4 models; The Phantom 4 (possibly renamed to Phantom 4 standard), Phantom 4 Advanced, and Phantom 4 Pro.

The Leaked video

Here you can see the new Phantom 4 Advanced as a DJI Instructor talks about how to calibrate the forward and bottom vision sensors. It’s funny how someone found this video on DJI’s website. It makes me wonder if there could be DJI Spark videos floating around on there as well!


So what makes this video authentic? Well, it looks to be one of DJI’s instructional videos, just like what they have for the other DJI Drones, but in the video, he clearly said Phantom 4 Advanced. You could argue that maybe his script had a typo in it, but looking at the design of the drone on the table confirms otherwise.

The Phantom 4 on the table is clearly not the Phantom 4 Pro, since it doesn’t have any side or rear obstacle avoidance sensors, but it’s not a standard Phantom 4 either. If you take a close look at the lens of the camera, you can tell that it matches the camera on the Phantom 4 Pro.

What Features Will It have?

It will have a better camera. Since the Phantom 4 Advanced appears to have the same camera as the Phantom 4 Pro, we can assume it will have all of the features of the Phantom 4 Pro right?

Maybe. They could always limit the functionality in firmware so that it doesn’t do 100% of what the Pro model can. I have this suspicion that they did this with the Phantom 3 Advanced, limiting the video recording to 2.7K instead of 4K through software.

I’m not saying that the camera won’t be better than the original Phantom 4, it just might have a feature or two removed, like 60FPS recording at 4K.

It won’t have side or rear sensors. This is where I think DJI will be saving on cost. By removing the side and rear obstacle avoidance sensors, that would essentially get rid of 4 extra cameras and maybe allow them to use a slower vision processing chip from the original Phantom 4.

It could have better Battery life. They will probably use the batteries from the Phantom 4 Pro. Between having that and not having the additional sensors, it should fly just as long or longer than the Phantom 4 Pro can.

How much will it cost and When will it come out?

Price is one of those things that’s always hard to guess, but here’s what I think they will do. The Original Phantom 4 will go on sale for $999, the Phantom 4 advanced will take the $1,199 price point, and the Phantom 4 Pro will stay at $1,499. Another pricing model could be $1,199 for the Standard, $1,349 for the Advanced, and $1,499 for the Pro.

Most likely, the release date will be at the same time as the DJI Spark.If it doesn’t come out during the Spark event then maybe they will show it during NAB. It’s not one of those super exciting products like the Mavic Pro or Spark. In other words, it could become available at any time.

Between the Phantom 4 Advanced, the Spark, the DJI Goggle, and anything else we don’t know about yet, DJI will have no problem killing the competition this year. Would you buy the Phantom 4 Advanced over the Phantom 4 Pro if it had the same camera?

Maybe you’re still waiting for the DJI Spark? Let us know in the comments.

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