I’ve been wanting to build a heavy lift quadcopter for a while So I rebuilt an old frame I had laying around so I could see what my CC3D flies like with 11″ props. I did some weight lifting today and I got it to pick up a 4 pound shoe, that’s heavier then my QAV500 with a gopro and a battery! The quadcopter itself is 3 pounds so that’s a total of 7 pounds flying with just a 3S 3300mah battery, I also put a little servo on it and a stick so I could pick things up. After testing some things I then went to the park to fly with some friends and then we actually went to the store, got a watermelon and then droped it from about 250 feet. The mane point was to drop the watermelon in a bag and then eat it, but that didn’t go as planed. After it hit the ground it completely exploded like a grenade! You can watch it drop a small watermelon here! Maybe when I get more money to spend on random stuff I will build a massive heavy lift quadcopter or hex to hold my DSLR or lift other big things without stressing out the motors. But for now I’m going to keep upgrading my QAV500 quadcopter frame.