So today I got the parts to fix my Ladybird… Hate the name, love the quad, but that’s another subject. Anyway, after flying for a few minutes I went back in my room to think for a while. I then remembered That the copter has two open ports. So I went looking around for my LEDs and slapped one on there with some good-old duct tape! Once I get some more tests done then I’ll do a tutorial, but for now I just need to make sure its safe. I’ve only done 5 flights but so far, so good. Also, the LEDs I’m using are really bright! In the dark you can see the light beam on a surface about 35 feet away! Even with the LED and stock battery, I got 6 minutes and 30 seconds of flight time hovering in a room with no wind. Just for fun, I did some light painting, and actually, It turned out better then I expected! Make sure you check those out along with the other images in this post.










IMG_9790 - Version 2