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It’s been a few weeks, and the time has finally come to see DJI’s new drone. The live stream will be on April 24th at 8:30 PDT. Whatever happens on April 24th, we will be streaming it live, so bookmark this page and come back to see the latest DJI product release info.

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DJI just released the new DJI Goggles!

The Latest Solid Info

Spark is the latest rumored drone to be announced by DJI this year. Where did the name Spark come from? It’s simple. Recently, DJI trademarked “Spark” as the name of a new drone, and when DJI trademarks something, it’s almost always used for an upcoming product their working on.

Right now there is very little known about the DJI Spark. Other websites way claim to have info about it, but nobody really knows at this stage. The only solid info we have is what can be gathered from analyzing all of the leaked images that have surfaced in the past week.


Update 5: 24 Hours To Go And More Leaks

Another image has fallen through the cracks! Based on the picture bellow, there’s a good chance that the Spark will be offered in a few different colors. This will make sense if they’re trying to compete with lower priced drones like the Bebop. So far, we’ve seen white, black and now red.

But wait! There’s something more to this image than just the red DJI Spark. Can you find it? Look at that Mavic Pro controller. It doesn’t appear to be for the Mavic at all. If you look closely, you will notice that there’s no LCD screen on the controller. This could indicate that the spark will use a more simple (Mavic like) controller, but based on the design, I would say it’s also going to use DJI’s OcuSync transmission technology which should allow it to be compatible with the Mavic Pro controller and the long awaited DJI Goggles!

Update 4: Taking A Closer Look

Sometimes, to get the full story of a product, you have to look at more than just what you see on the surface. You have to look into details. Take a look at these internal shots of the Spark to see what I mean.

In the photo above, you can see a large heatsink. Air comes in from one side, goes through the channels in the heat sink, flies around the fan, back through the heat sink, and finally out the other side. This explains those vent holes that we saw in all of the earlier photos. Previous DJI Drones have had much more complicated designs for cooling the electronics, but cooling isn’t the only thing that has been simplified.

On the Mavic Pro and all of DJI’s other drones, there are four antennas for communication, and they usually run inside the arms for the best signal. On the Spark, I’ve only seen two antennas and the only things going through the arms of the Spark are the motor wires. All of the ESCs appear to be located on the main power distribution board, meaning fewer PCB boards to produce and faster install time. DJI has also cut down on cameras. There’s no dual camera system on the bottom or the front like the Mavic Pro, but instead cheaper IR sensors.

If you’re wondering why the Spark seems like such a simple drone on the inside, that’s just because it is! All of these decisions weren’t made because they couldn’t fit the technology into the Spark. The goal for this drone is clearly to be the Tesla Model 3 of drones. The hardware will still be at a quality level higher than any other drone company, just smaller and cheaper to manufacture. This means that the Spark will be the most affordable new drone that DJI has ever come out with, but at the same time, software is where this drone will really shine and that’s what will set it apart from the other drones in its price range, like the Bebop from Parrot.

Update 3: More (Real) Leaks Have Arrived

This time we’re getting some better quality images of what the new Spark could look like. There still hasn’t been any official specs or pricing info leaked, but at least the new images are confirming a few things.

Like we originally thought, there will be obstacle avoidance, but it will be pretty basic. There won’t be any stereoscopic cameras on the front but instead, some kind of IR sensors like on the side of the Phantom 4 Pro. The motors are not the same as the Mavic Pro, they appear to be smaller, making them more efficient to keep the flight time high. based on these pictures, there’s a chance of a black model, but I don’t know. If we keep seeing more of these black Spark pictures up until the launch week, then I’ll be convinced.

Update 2: Spot The Fake!

Here’s another leaked image showing how small the Spark is compared to the Mavic. Wait, no just another fake photoshoped image. You can tell that the Spark wasn’t originally in this picture and that the propellers were just copied and pasted on to the motors. Since this isn’t real, you shouldn’t try comparing the two drones in size. It’s a nice try though.

 Update 1: First Leaked Images of the Spark

All of these pictures came from a website in china which was taken down by DJI. Notice how it uses the same motors as the Mavic, but the arms aren’t foldable. The arms also appear to be made out of the same material as the Mavic but designed in a way to keep manufacturing cost down and hold up in a hard crash. This doesn’t mean it’s a racing drone; it just means that it will be very affordable and consumer friendly.

Image 1: Looking at the first picture, you can see the basic shape of the Spark and how small it is. To some extent, it almost resembles the Parrot Bebop. Unlike the Bebop though, the Spark is almost guaranteed to perform just as good or better than any of DJI’s other drones.

Image 2: here you can see much more details, like the ultrasonic and vision sensors, along with a new camera/gimbal design. The thing that stands out the most though is those four gold-plated squares on the battery. It could just be a new way of charging the drone using a charging pad accessory, but we think that’s just the beginning. More on that to come…

Image 3: This picture doesn’t appear to be all that interesting, /or does it?/ You can see some vents for cooling the electronics, but what’s that black spot under the back arm? Wait, never mind, it appears just to be the release button for ejecting the battery…

Image 4: Here’s another look at the back of the Spark. Nothing too special. Just a Micro SD card slot, USB port, the battery indicator lights and a power button. Some are saying the image shows a USB Type-C connector. If this is the case, in theory, you could charge the Spark with anything capable of supplying power through USB C, like the newest MacBook Pro.

Image 5: Looking at the Spark from the front, it almost looks like the top section (over the camera) is hiding some obstacle avoidance sensors. Why else would it be a flat surface?

My Best Guesses

These leaked photos reveal a lot, but there’s still much more to be discovered. I’m not sure about anything yet, but based on what DJI has done in the past, these are the specifications that I think we’ll see in the Spark:

  • 4K 30fps videos and 12 megapixel photos
  • some basic obstacle avoidance
  • 15 to 22 minute flight times
  • Super durable design
  • $499 to $699 (a low price for what you’re getting)
  • Compatibility with the Mavic Pro controller and DJI Goggles

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